Animal Equality's vision is that of a world where all animals are protected and respected.

Animal Equality is an international organization that works with civil society, governments and companies to end cruelty to animals raised for food.

Porcikomodi rescues animals from the slaughterhouse and the meat industry and its by-products and at the same time to communicate the atrocious living conditions of the animals themselves in those timeless places: the factories of death and the dismantling chains.

Practicing and promoting cultural change in the relationship with other animals that leads to lifestyles and political choices based on respect and solidarity towards living beings, without distinction of species. 

OIPA, International Organization for Animal Protection, is an International Confederation of associations for the animal protection and for the defence of animal rights all over the world.

Born to protect animals against abuse and cruelty

The National Animal Protection Agency (ENPA) is the oldest and most important protectionist association in Italy. ENPA is now active in all sectors for the protection, welfare and protection of animals. 


The sanctuary for farmed animals, in the park of San Rossore near Pisa, Italy,  Ippoasi provides them with a safe haven where they can live freely in the almost 4 ha enclosure.

Italian Horse Protection Onlus was created to preserve and protect horses and other equine animals and to improve quality of their lives.

IHP is concerned with rescue and recovery of abused equines, who are hosts at its Rescue Center.

It is the Park of the Wolf, the Bear, the vast plateaus of the high altitudes and of the wild and imposing canyons, but also the Park of the Retreats, the Abbeys, the dry-stone huts and the wonderful old town centres of the Municipalities which belong to the Park territory.

The Bolgheri Wildlife Refuge, part of the Italian WWF protected areas' network, stretches for 1300 acres between the Genova to Rome