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Veggie life for Veggie people

Inform the world of what it means to lead a vegan lifestyle, of the advantages and positive effects on the environment, on human health in total respect for the life of animals.

Vegan magazine website with many great articles about the latest vegan related news, interviews with local vegans, helpful videos and more.

Magazine about plant based culture with lots of authentic Italian recipes. Includes guides for people learning about the plant based diet

A non profit organization that spreads the principles of nonviolence through the promotion of vegan culture.

 A project by Stefano Momentè. A journalist, writer and communication expert, who launched the Verdi Restaurants chain.  It promotes vegan choice with conferences, courses, seminars, articles, books.



Two passions that come together, a possible union

GRAPHICS, WEBSITES and SOCIAL services aimed at the WELLNESS sector:

supplements, medicine, nutraceuticals,  phytotherapy, homeopathy,  naturopathy, cosmetics, natural cooking, fitness, massages, beauty treatments, ecology and healthy life


Never before has it been as important to be present on the web, interact with existing and potential customers, “do” a group, involve .

Do only stores sell online? Not only that ... today bloggers and influencers use their image to promote and sponsor products, services, courses, consultancy.

A herbalist's shop or a pharmacy sells products and offers services, a healthcare provider could include orthopedic products in the catalog, a wellness professional can provide advice and offer digital materials.


Comunilabo ™ was born from the encounter between skills and passions.

We are graphic designers, web designers, copyists, marketing communicators who have shared their experiences in specific areas: naturopathy, nutrition, cooking, disability, education, training.

With this ambitious project we want to demonstrate how it is possible to make complex content or otherwise usable only in foreign languages ​​available to everyone - whatever skill the reader has.

With the same care used in producing the contents we publish, we create communication for companies that want to communicate in an accessible way to everyone, especially for operators in the Third Sector and Wellness.

We know the material we have to communicate, we speak the language of our interlocutors, we know the realities in depth so we understand the needs and translate them into solutions .

We offer answers by analyzing specific market opportunities, critical issues and priorities. We answer questions with totally customized tools and services, creating equally specific and unique content and products.

Do you have new ideas or projects that can change the world for a better place? Consumer products that do not exploit animals and respect the environment? Innovative services that can improve the lives of other human beings? If you answered yes (at least once) you are in the right place. We help you bring your innovative ideas to light, shape sustainable projects, create ethical brands, communicate value and values, create relationships with your customers by helping them to make more responsible choices, implement new business, consumption and service models to deal with digital transformation in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way.

Projetika is a Benefit Company that helps its customers to develop a more ethical, responsible and sustainable approach to business, respecting people, animals and the environment . A team of professionals with over 25 years of experience will be by your side to anticipate change, rethink your Communication, Marketing, Promotion and Online Sales strategy, bring out your  distinctive values , your inimitable Human Factor and transform the objectives of 2030 Agenda in competitive levers for the Sustainable Development of your company.


Nestled in the abundant hills of San Gimignano in Tuscany, Vegan Agrivilla I Pini has provided shelter to pilgrims along the Via Francigena for hundreds of years. Like our ancestors, we sustainably steward the land with respect and reciprocity – a responsibility that we likewise extend to our guests. Our 11 elegant lodgings are surrounded by rolling vineyards, olive groves and permaculture gardens.

From the ground up, our property is 100% committed to environmental consciousness. From our seasonal, vegan cuisine to the terracotta tiles upon which we walk, we seek to provide our guests with an experience that intimately represents the Tuscan bioregion and culture. Here, like so many travellers before, you will find sanctuary and connect with the intrinsic power of nature to grow, thrive and heal.